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10 big ideas for Australia

A little while ago two neighbours sent me a short booklet on 10 big issues facing Australia in the future.

The booklet was edited by Michelle Grattan, published by The Conversation, and included contributions from various Australian academics and commentators.

Introducing the contributions Michelle Grattan said: “Never have we heard so much from our politicians and other political players. The professionalisation of politics with its armies of advisers and spinners and the 24 hour medias cycle combine to give us more political noise than ever before. read more

MIT Green Future Index 2022 ranks Australia as a climate laggard.

The MIT Green Future Index 2022 provides conclusive independent evidence of the Morrison Government’s climate policy failure.

The Index, now in its second edition, “ranks 76 nations and territories on their ability to develop a sustainable, low-carbon future. It measures the degree to which their economies are pivoting towards clean energy, industry, agriculture and society through investment in renewables, innovation and green policy”. read more

What was the Gallipoli disaster really all about?

A new book on Gallipoli – The War Lords and the Gallipoli Disaster: How globalised trade led Britain to its worst defeat of the First World War by Nicholas A. Lambert – has some exceptional features

For instance, the index contains no listing for Australia, Anzacs, Keith Murdoch or anyone or anything else Australian. The bibliography is a dense list of archival sources with the only Australian ones being the Birdwood papers in the Australian War Memorial and Andrew Fisher’s in the National Library of Australia. Charles Bean gets an honourable mention in the text and Alan Moorehead is mentioned less enthusiastically. read more

Independents not new just better resourced and tapped into community

It is useful to remind ourelves that there have always been independents standing for Parliament and in recent years a number of high profile ones have been successful – such as in the power sharing arrangements with the Gillard Government – in achieving policy change.

But the current situation is remarkably unusual – particularly in terms of political perceptions and commentary. Why is it so? as Julius Sumner Miller asked. read more

Election history war coming? Probably

At some point in the election campaign the educational history wars are sure to be revived with Morrison and his stenographers in the Murdoch media dragging the aged horse out of its stable and giving it a few cracks of the whip.

The recent publication of What is History, Now? edited by Helen Carr and Suzannah Lipscomb canvasses many of the issues which will be contested. It is published 60 years after E.H.Carr’s What is History? which provided a methodological framework for generations of historians and students. read more

Who do you trust?

Trust has declined across all Australian institutions according to the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer.

Trust levels in business have fallen by 5%, NGOs 4%, Government 9% and the media 8%. Business and NGOs are still in overall positive territory although government is on the borderline with a 52% trust rating. The media is in negative territory with only 43% trusting it. read more

Is political video more powerful than text?

We are about to bombarded with hundreds of thousands of political images, ads and videos.

In the period between now and when Scott Morrison calls the election many of them will be paid for by taxpayers just as he has spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the past few years on supposedly informational ads which actually promote his government. read more

Morrison is Australia’s most distrusted politician

The latest Roy Morgan Research Trust and Distrust quarterly report is bad news for Scott Morrison and the media.

The top line voting intention situation – LNP 42% and Labor 58% is bad enough- but the deeper feelings explored in the survey explain the onset of panic among some Liberal MPs.

When asked what, if anything, would worry you if the LNP were elected at the next Federal Election? representative responses included: read more