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Dutton’s nuclear policy: a new form of climate denial

When Twiggy Forrest, Private Eye, The Financial Times and Bloomberg all describe why nuclear power is not the answer you have to wonder why Peter Dutton can’t hear the message.

Why Dutton doesn’t was nailed by Forrest at a recent National Press Club address where he said:  “If you think that nuclear came out of nowhere, no, it didn’t. It’s been pushed by the fossil fuel sector as a great way to delay the whole country for 20 years from switching over to fossil fuels forever. read more

Bovver boy Dutton war-mongering at AWM

If anyone ever imagined that commemoration of our war dead was not an opportunity to make political points look no further than the Daily Last Post ceremony at the Australian War Memorial at the recent opening of Federal Parliament.

We need to honour any Australian who died in war and remember those who came back and the problems they faced when they did. read more

The great US delusion

US politicians and others are always boasting about the US being the greatest in just about any category you can think of – from the record for eating hot dogs in a given time to their so-called democracy.

But perhaps the greatest boast is that it is a peace-loving state committed to protecting the world. read more

Huge document leak to Murdoch columnist. Cui bono?

In the 20th century a series of UK investigations, including the Leveson Inquiry, demonstrated that Murdoch newspapers had engaged in phone hacking, police bribery and resort to dodgy private investigators.

A subsequent parliamentary committee found that Rupert had exhibited ‘wilful blindness’ to what was going on and that he was not a fit person to be running a major international company. read more

AWM and its Three No’s defy grammar and logic

Divisions on the Australian War Memorial Council and political pressure are putting Memorial staff in a difficult position over the depiction of Frontier Wars. This has become clearer as time passes and more evidence becomes available.

The immediate past Council Chair, Brendan Nelson, and the current Chair, Kim Beazley, have both committed to the representation of the Frontier Wars, though the extent of this commitment has been muddied as more information has come out on the qualifications and fudges included in the original August 2022 Council decision. read more

A sad day for journalism

A day after posting on the Murdoch infestation at the Nine Newspapers mastheads comes the sad news of the death of one of the journalists who made The Age a great newspaper.

Tim Colebatch could seemingly write on anything. He was a perceptive environmental reporter when such rounds were just being established; covered US politics from Washington; provided sophisticated analysis of election results; and, was that rare thing in journalism – highly numerate. read more

The travails of a once great newspaper

If you owned The Age and had the choice as to whether you staffed it with former Murdoch employees or almost anyone else who would you choose?

 James Chessell, Nine’s managing director publishing, recently announced Tory Maguire would have editorial oversight of all these metro mastheads including The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times and WAToday. read more