A correction

Ted Egan has pointed out that the blog got the name of the song We are Australian wrong by adding an s. Now corrected. The blog’s slightly derogatory comment about the Bruce Woodley song also attracted some criticism.

The song’s ubiquity contrasts with the reality that there are still lots of knuckle-dragging Australian flag cape-wearing Aussies who probably deeply distrust many of the sentiments in the lyrics.

However, having last heard it performed in an out of tune version at a granddaughter’s child care centre end of year concert, it seemed appropriate there given the very multicultural nature of the class. And the audience joined in and seemed to know the words.

Indeed, it is now arguably our unofficial national anthem. Given that Ode to Joy is taken; and,  Waltzing Matilda would need new lyrics that unofficial status is probably a good thing when we consider just how awful and inappropriate Advance Australia Fair is as a song let alone a national anthem.

So, soppy or not the blog has to concede that We Are Australian has its points.