A guest appearance

The blog’s neighbour, friend and former client manages to get lots of letters published in The Age along with a number of other regulars who obviously strike a chord with whoever is left on the outsourced letters page subs desk.

He sent the blog copy of his latest, not expecting it to get a run in The Age, but the blog thought it was worth a mention particularly given that the ‘little lying rodent’ –  as one of his colleagues called him – is re-emerging like a creature from the Black Lagoon to join his acolyte, Tony Abbot (sic), on the same sex marriage campaign trail.

His letter said:

“John Winston Howard has peered over his white picket fence to advise his protégé, that master of ‘brutal retail politics’, Tony Abbott on some current issues. Advice from the man who in 1988 played the racist card on Asian immigration; who dishonestly and cruelly appealed to our latent xenophobia during the Tampa episode; who changed the Marriage Act with no thought of a plebiscite; who created the structural deficit by blowing the proceeds of the mining boom on unsustainable middle class tax cuts; the sycophantic bit player in the Coalition Of The Willing that created another tragedy in the Middle East; who deviously sabotaged the republican referendum.

If he ever reflected honestly on his legacy, Mr Howard would keep quiet in the front parlour with Janet, his mementoes of visits to the White House and Buckingham Palace, the Wisden almanacs and a few autographed cricket bats. Australia would probably be a better place today had he stuck to pumping petrol or shuffling some conveyancing files.

Norman Huon”

Well, yes is all one can say.