…a surprising addendum

One should never be surprised by what might happen in politics.

After yesterday morning’s post the blog received a bit of feedback about the likelihood or unlikelihood of the ALP putting aside attacks on Malcolm Turnbull for a while and offering to work with him.

While it never occurred to the blog that’s what would happen it is exactly what did. Bill Shorten,  in his parliamentary comments addressed to the new PM, made an offer to work with the government to address national issues. He then subsequently wrote offering to meet to discuss the China-Australia free trade agreement. The latter made it into the media but the former didn’t.

Perhaps Labor is more nimble than the blog thought. Moreover, the blog now thinks some attacks on the compromises Malcolm Turnbull is making during the honeymoon period, might have more value than it thought. Tony Abbott may have been our worst PM ever, but the Turnbull decision to hand responsibility for national water policy to the Nationals – and worse Barnaby Joyce of the Nationals – has to be one of the worst major environmental decisions of recent years.