Anzac Day guide updated

One of the best things about the media and Anzac Day, the Anzac Day Media Style Guide, has been updated for 2013.

It is an invaluable tool for getting some of the basic facts right. That’s a much-needed antidote to some of the nonsense that gets reported and which some politicians spout.

The guide is available for download via the following websites:

The guide originator, main author and editor is Sharon Mascall-Dare, a South Australian academic and radio broadcaster. She says: “The guide offers support to Anzac Day journalists in a user-friendly format. The guide remains independent, with an editorial advisory board drawn from the media and academia. This year’s edition includes:

  • New information about ranks and military organisation
  • New information from DVA about media protocols for overseas ceremonies
  • A quick reference, one-page summary of ideas, designed for use out on location 
  • Further updates and ideas for coverage.”

It is a collaborative project and Sharon welcomes feedback at