Privatisations and sewage

Just a few hours after our last post on the 1873 City of Birmingham decision to take its gas and water companies into public ownership the Victorian Liberal Leader, Matthew Guy, announced he was going to privatise Victoria’s water and sewerage operations.

More than a century after Birmingham’s decision later UK Governments  privatised them again.

And today, as we mentioned yesterday the UK’s decision has resulted in sewage polluted beaches and rivers and very expensive water bills.

Victorian Opposition Leader, Matthew Guy, has now proposed to follow the UK course.

In the TV series A Very Peculiar Practice the university on which it is based employs a novelist who they hope will be inspired by the university’s life and work.

Sadly, every time he comes up with a plot idea, however off beat or ridiculous, the university does something just as ridiculous.

A bit like what might happen in Victoria if Matthew Guy and his mixed team of weirdos and religious nutters actually became a government.