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In the meantime there is an update on the review of David J. Silverman’s This Land is Their Land about the Wampanoag Indians, the Plymouth Colony and the distorted history Americans celebrate every Thanksgiving.

As if small pox, wars, slavery and centuries of exploitation were not enough, the Pussy-grabber in Chief’s Department of the Interior,  has  now reversed an Obama-era decision to put 321 acres of land in trust on behalf of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe.

This, of course, is consistent with the Trump Department’s campaign to commercially exploit the national parks Teddy Roosevelt and  John Muir pioneered and trash the Obama legacy in both large and small ways.

But then modern Republicans are no longer like Teddy and/or John – sadly for the US. One only hopes Bernie doesn’t sabotage the 2020 Democratic campaign and ensure four more years of vandalism.