What’s odd about this?

9News has had on the Telstra Media site, on which it is featured, a link to a story about the Governor-General’s message to veterans – “you did as your nation asked ” – since August 2021.

Sometimes the item is the first you see in the Top Stories section and sometimes it slips down but whichever it’s always there among the Top Stories – which must make it the longest-running reference to an event or comment yet featured on the site.

It’s a pity they don’t do the same for climate change news.

The statement in itself is controversial because in most of our recent wars neither the nation nor Parliament had anything to do with setting out on military action. Instead, it has been a decision of the Prime Minister and perhaps the Cabinet.

The Australian War Powers Reform group has been campaigning for some years to change this.

But when the omnipresence of the G-G’s message coincides with the news in the featured item to its left it can sometimes look a bit odd.

The day this page was captured just happened to be one where news on the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation case about allegations of war crimes was featured.

Not quite a contempt of court but choose from farcical, inept, prejudicial, hilarious, ill-considered, or some similar term.