Miscellany: Jeb and the tsunami

Jeb and the tsunami

While The Guardian and others are laughing at the fact that no-one recognized Jeb Bush when he went a-visiting with folks around the tsunami area the last laugh might just be on them.

In one of the great Guy Rundle Max Gillies scripts Gillies, as John Howard, sits in an armchair in a check dressing gown sipping tea, talking about his career and about how people laughed at him. In the very final moment Gillies says: “You aren’t laughing now are you?”

Less than a decade ago rather more people would have had hysterics at the thought of George W. Bush being President but ……

The Economist once said that anyone who could be President of the US ought not be and Dubya certainly illustrates the point. To its credit The Economist, often mistakenly considered to be far right-wing by many, can be quite subversive – as demonstrated by its decision to editorialise against George W.’s re-election.

Anyway – back to Jeb. Jeb is actually considered the smartest of the living Bushes. Not much as far as the male line is concerned but a bit of an achievement if you count those who married in.

Come to 2008 there will be another Presidential election. While no doubt it would be convenient to end the two term restriction – and Miscellany sort of half expects someone to suggest it – Dick Cheney won’t live that long and you couldn’t have George W. doing it on his own.

Now by 2006 there will be heaps of candidates – John McCain being an obvious one. But one other strong possibility is Jeb Bush. The tsunami visit may well be just the first in a series of events and activities designed to create another Bush presidency.