Miscellany: The death of a journalist

The death of a journalist

These days journalists get killed with remarkable regularity – by “friendly fire”, by oppressive regimes and by the traditional self-inflicted wounds.

And time takes its toll on them all – good, bad and indifferent.

Just before Christmas one of the great muckrakers of our time, Jack Newfield, succumbed to kidney cancer which spread to his lungs.

Jack Newfield had many claims to fame. He would have wanted the truth about his death – not suitable euphemisms – printed. He was with Bobby Kennedy just before he was shot. He exposed corruption in New York. He was a friend of the inimitable Jimmy Breslin. He wrote for the Village Voice, the New York Daily News and the New York Post. He produced sports documentaries, wrote biographies, organized political campaigns, wrote about the Sopranos, and sometimes got involved rather than pretending to be strictly impartial and independent.

…and he has a special connection with Australia. This great influential and inspirational journalist was sacked from the New York Post by Col Allan.